Our appraisal services are guaranteed compliant with the latest regulations.

In the wake of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, many new lending rules and regulations have gone into effect to protect consumers from predatory lending and to ensure fairness in all transactions. At Empire Appraisal Services, we are careful to stay up to date with all state and federal regulations pertaining to our industry, including:

  • New California appraiser license requirement changes in effect Jan 1 2015
  • Appraiser Independence Rules, which have replaced the Home Valuation Code of Conduct
  • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
  • Appraisal Disclosure and Delivery Requirements as set forth in the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Worried about Dodd-Frank Delays?

The biggest change affecting the mortgage industry is of course the Dodd-Frank Act, which has introduced new time constraints for the processing of loans. Empire Appraisal Services can help you stay on schedule by completing appraisals quickly and accurately so they are available for release within the time constraints.

** Depending on time of access to the property

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