Appraisals for Portfolio Lenders

Minimize your risk and exposure by hiring us for your pre-lending appraisals.

Because portfolio lenders often take on higher-risk loans, it is even more essential for them to work with expert appraisers who can provide accurate property valuations. This way, they can at least minimize the risk of approving a loan on an overvalued property while still retaining the ability to offer financing to individuals with questionable credit or other risk factors.

At Empire Appraisal Services, we can provide the fast and accurate services portfolio lenders need to stay on top of their game:

  • Pre-funding appraisals for individual loans
  • Bulk portfolio valuation
  • Asset valuation for REO properties
  • Commercial property appraisals
  • Forensic review of appraisals on defaulted loans

Why Hire Empire Appraisal Services

Empire Appraisal Services maintains the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our appraisal activities, making us an excellent partner for the risky business of portfolio lending. We employ licensed appraisers who have the skills, experience, and resources required to provide the most accurate appraisals you’ll ever find in our local area. We work quickly but thoroughly to produce detailed reports in just 1 to 2 business days.

We uphold the Appraiser Independence Rules, we understand the time constraints imposed by Dodd-Frank, and we stand behind all of our appraisal services as being fair and accurate.

Call Now to Request an Appraisal

Getting the quality information you need to make an informed portfolio lending decision is as easy as dialing (702) 437-3335.

** Depending on time of access to the property

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