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Our licensed appraisers help you get the best results for your clients.

At Empire Appraisal Services, we have ample experience working with attorneys to protect their clients’ best interests. No matter what type of legal matter you may be working on, you can rely on our licensed appraisers to provide accurate, up-to-date valuations that can stand up to the toughest legal scrutiny.

Need an expert witness?

We stand behind all our valuations. As an independent appraiser, we can provide reliable information for attorneys to draw upon in building their cases. We can even appear in court as an expert witness to explain our process and conclusions in cases where the valuation is contested.

We Frequently Assist:

Divorce Attorneys

Asset division is often a hot-button issue in a divorce, and with the family home typically being the biggest single asset owned by a couple, obviously it needs to be handled very carefully. Making an agreement based on the original purchase price of the property can be a huge mistake that could unfairly favor or disadvantage the spouse retaining the home, depending on whether property values have risen or declined since the original purchase date.

We will make your job easier by providing a clear, accurate, and detailed appraisal in just 1 or 2 business days. This will help you get your client’s divorce case moving along quickly and arm you with the necessary information for arguing their position in divorce negotiations or litigation.

Estate Attorneys

We can help estate attorneys guide their clients through probate as quickly as possible with our expert estate appraisal services. After many years of experience in this area, we understand all the ins and outs of the unique estate appraisal process, including how to produce retrospective appraisals matching the date of death.

Our appraisals not only come with a fast turnaround, they are also packed with details and supporting evidence for our conclusions. In fact, we actually provide facts and figures in excess of what is required by the IRS and state agencies, to ensure probate goes smoothly.

Tax Attorneys

Local real estate tax authorities love taking the initiative when it’s time to raise property taxes, but they never seem to notice when property values decrease. This is where a tax attorney’s help is needed. But before you can prepare your client’s property tax protest, you need an accurate appraisal. Empire Appraisal Services has an excellent reputation in our local area and we can produce reliable appraisals authorities will accept.

We can also assist tax attorneys representing clients under investigation by the IRS by providing retrospective appraisals showing the value of the property at the time the questionable tax declaration was made.

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